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Hi, it's me, Adrienne Everheart.  

You've struggled long enough.  It's time to feel the lasting peace of a healthy loving relationship. I'm here to show you how.

My private community is for women who are ready to connect with their authentic Feminine voice, get clarity about their relationship values, learn and speak boundaries, and heal from past traumas. 

Whether you wish to rebuild with the man you love, or become a vibrational match for the man you desire - iHeartLoveAcademy is here for you.

My Exclusive Membership Offers You:

  • Coaching with me, Adrienne & my coaches - post your question, share your story, and myself and my coaches will answer you personally.
  • Live Classes, and Q&A sessions - join me each month as I host LIVE class. You can chat with me over Zoom and ask any questions you may have. My coaches also offer additional classes as well! We've got you covered each and every month.
  • Enjoy Instant Access to my Video Library - you get 100+ hours of classes about  relationship Q&A and Feminine Energy topics anytime you need it.
  • Get answers Quickly - Myself & my Moderators are here to offer you guidance & support, simply post your question and receive.
  • Enjoy Privacy - Get coaching, clarity, and support with my secure app and private video streaming service.
  • Live Chat & Q&A Posts - chat live anytime & connect with like-minded women, share your journey, offer support, learn and laugh together. 
  • Workshop & Class Replays - Missed a live class? We've got you covered! Binge and catch up on what you've missed anytime, 24/7.
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  • Monthly or Annual Subscription - Commit to your Feminine Energy practice with monthly or annual options. Cancel anytime, but we'll miss you!

Why You're Here

If you want to rebuild your relationship or call forth your forever man, I teach women how to find their Feminine Energy felt sense and voice to create their very own true love story.

I've helped women across the globe rebuild after breakups and separation, and shown single women how to attract quality men through "FEMM Dating." I've helped create thousands of  happy, loving marriages and relationships. 

If you are a powerful dynamite woman and have trouble feeling grounded, and connected with your man, or have difficulty building a soft loving space with him, Feminine Energy is the missing KEY. 

Don't let another day slip by, join my community and get the answers and support you need now.